Acupuncture for Pain
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SV Pain Center specializes in pain management, sport and traumatic injury.
With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Liu has successfully treated many patients with various acute and chronic painful conditions.  Dr.  Liu’s Wholistic Acu-Pain Release System incorporates acupuncture, herbal and specially formulated external therapy.

Wholistic Acu-Pain Releasing Therapy includes:

Mico & Macro Acu System

This is a unique acupuncture technique that utilizes specific therapeutic points that resembles the body’s micro circulating system to quickly relieve pain.

Biological Holographic Therapy

Biological Holographic Therapy is both a diagnostic tool and therapeutic treatment. Every bodily part is a reflection of the whole organism.  This concept is similarly reflected in foot reflexology and auricular acupuncture, except Biological Holographic Therapy extends to all parts of the human body.


External Medicine TherapyExternal Medicated Herbal Therapy

Dr. Liu’s experiences and expertise in the field of external traumatology has led him to develop a unique blend of external medicinal herbals that is effective for sprain or strain due to sport or traumatic injury.  External medicated application promotes faster healing by promoting local circulation, decreasing inflammation and pain.


Internal Herbal Medicine

Internal herbal formula is often given with acupuncture treatment to facilitate the healing process, regulate internal organ functions and improves blood circulation to prevent blood stasis.